Kratom Extract & Enhanced Blends

If you recently learned about Kratom, you might have heard the term “Kratom Extract” mentioned a few times.

Well…Just Say No.

In this post I will tell you why and hopefully convince you to stay away COMPLETELY.

Kratom Extract (and enhanced blends) are legal and available for purchase from various Kratom vendors.

Examples include: Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI), Malaysian Kratom 25x Resin, “Gold Reserve” or more vague names such “Kratom Super Extract 50x”.

As it sounds, Kratom Extract is a condensed, highly-concentrated form of Kratom that is made by isolating and extracting the most potent alkaloids and making a small power from it.

Kratom Extract can contain 50 to 70 times more alkaloids than normal Kratom leaf.

While this might provide for a temporary, powerful aroma – it also provides for monumental increase in tolerance that will quickly render normal Kratom Leaf virtually useless.

A significant daily habit of Kratom Extract will create a significant opioid tolerance and likewise – the eventual, awful, stereotypical opioid withdrawal that will be more similar to withdrawal from hardcore opiates such as Oxycontin or high doses of Perocet (Oxycodone) than withdrawal from codeine or Hydrocodone.

Kratom Extract is NO JOKE.

Kratom Extract is very powerful.

It is the main reason Kratom gets abused.

It is the main reason for the reports of a prolonged nasty withdrawals.

And Will be the main reason if Kratom ever gets banned.

Kratom “Enhanced blends” are similar.

Basically these blends are normal Kratom Leaf combined with Kratom Extract.

This combination is usually better than burning straight extract but certainly a way to quickly raise your tolerance and wipe out the aroma from regular leaf.


Just Say No.

I burn Kratom on a daily basis and consider it to one of the PRIMARY reasons for most of my success in the past 4 or 5 years.

It was an NOTHING SHORT of life-changing for me and a handful of people I know.

  • For some people – it’s how it KILLS DEPRESSION or SOCIAL ANXIETY.
  • For some people, like me – it’s how it provides INSTANT MOTIVATION and A SENSE OF WELL-BEING.
  • For some people – it’s how it keeps them SOBER and off of nasty prescription drugs or heroin.
  • For some people – it’s how it KILLS CHRONIC PAIN and helps them sleep at night.
  • For others – it’s just a fun thing to “smell” that has virtually no side effects.

I dislike the RIDICULOUS COMPARISONS of Kratom to harder narcotics.

With that in mind, please listen to my warning about Kratom extracts.

I suggest you avoid Kratom Extract COMPLETELY.

I see virtually NO REASON to use these whatsoever.

  • If you are following a Kratom lifestyle – these extracts will do nothing except provide a temporary high and INSTANTLY raise your tolerance.
  • If you aren’t following a Kratom lifestyle and just burn Kratom from time-to-time – the extracts are completely unnecessary, too expensive, too strong and will get you sick if you aren’t careful.

The only reasonable use I can see for Kratom Extracts is for a special occasion (once every <90 days) – in which – the following day – you DO NOT use it again and ideally burn Stem & Vein to lower your tolerance.

I used to burn Ultra Enhanced Indo on Christmas Day – while it was quite nice, it would take me a few days (and a few night sweats) to get back to “smelling” regular aromas.

It’s not worth it if it messes up your week.


“Kratom Resin Extract” is a form of Kratom Extract that has been boiled and melted into a super potent substance. Avoid.


Read the Labels & Ask Questions

Even Kratom veterans find themselves consuming extracts – when they don’t mean to.

Just the other day, I had a friend texting me and raving about this liquid Kratom he found in a random store in New York. It produced a really sensational aroma. In fact, the aroma was so good that he couldn’t feel his usual Kratom Leaf anymore.

I looked it up.



That’s FOURTY TIMES STRONGER than regular leaf.

It didn’t even say so on the bottle.

What he was burning was an extremely potent Kratom Extract and it was the reason that he wasn’t feeling the regular Kratom Leaf like he used to.



Don’t hesitate to ask us questions, we will try to help you.

Horror Stories?

Just like ANYTHING, but certainly less than prescription drugs or other opioids, Kratom has the potential for abuse.

If you surf around the Internet you’ll find stories of poor (usually completely irresponsible) souls that abused Kratom and find themselves in a nasty addiction looking forward to a nasty withdrawal.

Their addiction almost always is to KRATOM EXTRACTS-
(obviously their are some exceptions – but those that have issues from plain leaf are usually not rotating correctly, or at all)

The underpaid, undersexed, pencil-necks in media are ecstatic to report stories like these, especially when the public isn’t able to tell fact from fiction. Sensationalized journalism at it’s best worst.

Nearly all of these sensationalized/negligent stories, nasty withdrawals, growing dependencies, drug addict behavior involve KRATOM EXTRACT and not normal Kratom leaf. Very rarely is that mentioned however.

Sometimes, but not always, the irresponsible user will mention what he or she was burning and almost always it involves the word “extract” or “enhanced”.

Though more rare, sometimes the journalist reporting will mention the type of Kratom involved – it almost always includes the word “extract”.

Even more rarely does the journalist clarify what “Kratom Extract” is or how it compares to regular Kratom Leaf.

Obviously these reporters or “journalists” have no idea what Kratom, Kratom Extract, Kratom Leaf or anything is. After all – that’s why they are low-level reporters.

“Kratom” (and it’s countless different strains) is  stereotyped and lumped into one generic category.

As I’ve mentioned countless times –

Not all Kratom (in quality and potency) is the same.

Kratom Extract is an addiction waiting to happen.

Plain Kratom Leaf, in my experience, is something that you can burn on a daily basis.

Kratom “Tinctures” are liquid Kratom Extracts. Avoid.

How Do I Know?

I’ve burned plain leaf Kratom for over half a decade.

From time-to-time, my tolerance will get higher than I want and I’ll have to make the effort or use Stem & Vein to lower it.

From time-to-time, I’ll have lousy days but certainly less than if I didn’t have Kratom in my arsenal.

Kratom Leaf, even at a reasonably high daily dependency, DOES NOT CREATE the compulsive urge to “chase” a high or a awful withdrawal that mirror hardcore drugs. When rotated correctly to avoid significant tolerance, it’s withdrawal resembles a 72-hour cold.

Certainly unpleasant but hardly something you can’t sleep through or that completely shuts down your life.

ROTATED CORRECTLY and RESPONSIBLY, dependency and tolerance from Kratom Leaf is usually only a minor issue.

This Kratom product is creatively marketed and packaged as it is (or a substitute for) Perocet. There’s no wonder why it receives bad publicity. Ridiculous.

Ethical Concerns

Unfortunately, a significant number of Kratom Vendors have no shame in marketing their products and extracts as “supplements” that will get you “High” or “Fucked Up”. Don’t give these types of places your business.

More discrete, equally as reckless vendors will shamelessly put Kratom Extract in their regular leaf and not indicate that the product is enhanced.

Both, in my opinion, are completely unethical.

At the risk of sounding like an advertisement (I don’t care – you should hear this), I can proudly say-

Samurai Herbals DOES NOT and WILL NOT ever carry any Kratom extract(s) or enhanced blends.
It is the best plain Kratom Leaf you can get.

Unless you aren’t rotating them correctly or using extracts – you shouldn’t have much issue with tolerance and dependency, even if you burn them multiple times a day.

That is the reason I and many of my friends have been able to burn the product on a daily basis and rarely have issues with tolerance.

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